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Mahmud Nestman, M.Ed., RCC, HT, Founder and Director of the Cura Institute of Integrated Learning is a Vancouver therapist and a member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. He provides counselling and transformational personal growth workshops to clients; and training, supervision and mentorship to therapists in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.


Be Welcome Here.

All parts of you are welcome here.
Your depression, intuition, stuckness, and hope,
your anxiety, enthusiasm, anger and kindness,
your sorrow, desperation and the spark of the Divine.

To all of these visitors, I say:
Come a little closer,
risk stepping towards
the strange light
of acceptance, respect and love.

To you, the observer,
I invite you to:
be curious, pay attention,
let a mentor introduce you
to those parts of yourself
which you have written off
as troublemakers and deviants.

They long for inclusion and a place
within your inner family.
They are full of unrealized potential.

A welcome poem by
Mahmud Nestman, M.Ed., RCC, HT

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