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In your role as a professional counsellor, do
you sometimes
feel like you are
out there all alone? Do you wish you had a safe and supportive
place to share some of your experiences while maintaining counsellor/client confidentiality? Would having an experienced Supervisor/Mentor and/or being a member of a mentorship group of professional counsellors offer you the support you sometimes need?

Mahmud offers supervision
and mentorship in 3 formats:

  1. One-to-one supervision: using case notes, audio and video.

  2. Small group supervision: (max. of 4 counsellors) using case notes, audio and video.

  3. Supervision and Mentorship groups: these are intensive groups for practicing counselors, consisting of no more than eight participants. The small number of counsellors helps to generate a climate of trust, mutual support and creativity. The groups are designed to focus on three essential aspects of Supervision and Mentorship: the personal growth of the counselor, opportunities for counselling practice, and feedback on counselling practice. Core ideas from therapy models such as Gestalt, Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy and NVC are integrated within a foundation of TOT. Methods of learning include personal and interactive check-ins, mini-lectures, group discussion, demonstrations, counselling practice, journaling, training in self-awareness and therapeutic ways of being. Video-taping of counselling practice within the group is a primary method of learning.

Working with Mahmud as your Supervisor/Mentor means drawing on his professional experience to review your work with clients and enhancing your personal growth and professional development. Supervision involves inviting Mahmud, as an impartial third party, to hear your experiences in counselling and thereby reduce the risk of oversight. You will also be supported to reflect upon your own thoughts, feelings, behavior and general approach with clients. The Supervision and Mentorship groups, in which Mahmud and a caring supportive group of counsellors learn and share each other's work, has been a powerful tool for many counsellors in Vancouver. If you would like to learn more, please contact Mahmud. He would be happy to speak with you about Supervision/Mentorship and also to provide you an opportunity to speak with other counsellors currently working with him in this capacity.


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